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surgically remove stretch marks new 20130730

cult once the marks fade. Although, one can use Olive oils, Coconut butter or Vitamin E or Vitamin A for massaging over the marks. Aloe Vera Gel soothes irritating skin which has been recently stretched. For an effective prevention of stretch marks, exercising is the best bet, as it keeps the muscles and skin firm. Also eating foods, which are rich in proteins, Vitamin C and E help in promoting and maintaining healthy skin.i used big kahuna body salve…it just felt amazing on by tummy and really helped with the tightness and itching.i have done a treatment with acids at a clinic here in brazil and it worked very well. i did 15 sessions (one every week) and it has to be done in the winter because you can´t expose the area to the sun, it´ll stain your body. now the stretch marks are so light you can barely see them. i´m sure you guys must have a similar treatment in the usa…First, whether or not you will get them is mostly hereditary.��So all you can do is minimize.��And the best for that is Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter.Cocoa butter seems to workA product called Bio Oil. Everyone I know who has tried this on stretchmarks has raved about it.Cow